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Android System Webview is a very popular feature of Android. Many people use this feature to browse the internet. But they may not know what it is and what they can do with it. The best way to explain this feature is to first explain what a web browser is. A web browser helps people navigate and find websites on the internet. Many times users are confused about whether they need to delete an Android System Webview app or not. The presence of the app in the app list can be puzzling but it is not malware or a virus as suspected by some users. It is software that can help to open a link in an application. When it is clicked a new window may open, which is not a browser but a smaller version of the browser.

The Android System Webview app offers users an optimized and highly accessible experience that is required to be successful in all mobile. The platform is being used to power web apps to help users find and shop more effectively online. Google has integrated the web browser into the core of the platform to provide users with the best experience on all their platforms. Users have access to a plethora of content and this helps them maximize their searches and navigate to websites.
The Android System Webview comes as a pre-installed app in the lower versions of the Android system. In 4.4 KitKat Webview was changed to make it user friendly from the Jellybean version. In Android KitKat, it was Chromium-based, similar to the Chrome browser. After KitKat the Android version 5.0 was released, where the Android Webview changed into a separate app in the Play store.

Android System Webview Features

There are lots of features, the main feature is that it helps to open any link. For example,

* Facebook link

* YouTube link

* Instagram link

* Twitter link

* website link

* IMO link

* Messenger link

* WeChat link

* What's app link, etc. Link helps to open. 

All types of link opening Android system webview are used in the work. Every Android phone is used more to open the link. This app protects the phone from getting hot and the phone from slowing down. In addition, these apps make the various tasks of the phone easier. It is important to have this app on every phone. These apps are very useful for.

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Download Android System Webview

How to Install ?

It's a very easy process. Let's see the process:
Step 1. At First Download this app Above the Download link.

Step 2. Secondly To allow the app to your mobile operating system.
Step 3. Thirdly Go to Device Settings and click on the "Security" option.
Step 4. Then click on the unknown source.
Step 5. Now enable this option by clicking.
Step 6. Then go to the "Downloads" folder of the device.
Step 7. At present you click this app.
Step 8. Now click on the install button to run it.
Step 9. In a couple of seconds, the installation will complete then use it.

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How to Enable ?

on Android 5.1.1 and above.

Step 1: Firstly Go to setting of your Android Phone or tablet and open Settings>" App"/Application manager.

Step 2: Secondly you see these App and tap it.

Step 3: When opening this apps, you see the FORCE STOP and ENABLE button.

Step 4: Then you tab the Enable button. Then Active or Enabled your App

How to Enable on Android 9 or 10 and above.

Follow these methods

Step 1: At first Disable your Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Then open your
Play store.

Step 3: And you search Android System Webview Update. See search result this app 
and tap it.

Step 4: When open those apps then you see the update option.

Step 5: Tap the update button. Then apps update finished.

Step 6: Then Automatic Enabled your app.
At Last, Enabled your Chrome Browser.

How to Disabled ?

Android system webview is a very popular feature of Android. Many people use this feature to browse the internet.

it is software that can help to open a link in an application. You can view any type of web content with the help of this app. Do you want to Disable your Android System webview.

Follow this method

How to Disabled :

on Android 5.1.1 and above.

Step 1: Go to setting of your Android Phone or tablet and open Settings>" App"/Application manager.

Step 2: However you see this app and most importantly tap it.

Step 3: When opening the app, you see the FORCE STOP and Disable button.

Step 4: Moreover you tab the Disable button. Then Disabled your 

Download for PC

How to Install this app on your Pc or windows 10/8/7?

Follow this method step by step

Step 1. At first, you have to download an android emulator on your computer then install it. The Best android emulator is Blue-stacks. Blue-stacks below download link.

Step 2. When you downloaded the completed Blue stacks emulator then install it on your pc.

Step 3. Moreover open Blue stacks emulator. It may take some time to load the blue stacks app.

Step 4. When you open blue-stacks and search these apps.

Step 5. You will see search result this apk. then click install this app. When installs complete then use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to use this app?

A. Yes, it is a 100% safe app. You can use it without any problem.

Q: What is Android System Webview?

A. it is a very popular feature of Android. It is an app that can help to open a link in an Application.

Q: What are the limitations to use this app?

A. You have the total freedom of using this app. Its don't have any limitation. You can use this app any time anywhere.

Q: Can I Uninstall Android System Webview?

A. As you wish. But this app very helps full for Android devices.

Q. Is those app free to use?
A. Yes. 
It is free to use.

Q. How do I
download this apps?
A. 1. First,
Download this app from this page download button.
2. Turn on Unknown Sources [Settings -> Security-> Enable]
3. Open the downloaded apk file on your device and tap on the Install button.
4. Done

Q. Can I download this app file from this website safely?
A. Yes, of course.

Q. Can I use
these apps on PC?
A. yes, you can do that.


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Finally, Android system webview apps must be on every Android phone. These apps come in many uses on the phone. The second is that it helps to open any link. And also protects the phone from getting hot and slow.
More people use these apps to open any link.

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